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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wish Upon A Star.....

I think I am coming to terms with several things in my life weight loss surgery and losing 90 pounds and the body changes that come with it, the wonderful new friends, old friends that have been wonderful to me and stuck by my side, my husband who is adjusting to the new me and for myself who is finding the "slim" me in a "thinner" and healthier body!

I grew up in Kansas, in the country, in a small town, very sheltered where everyone knew your business. I miss laying in the backyard in the grass, watching and wishing upon the stars. The stars shined so bright due to the fact that their was no city to compete with the lights in the night sky. You could contemplate the universe and your higher power and how you came to be on this planet and sort out everything in your life. I truly miss those days. I think it is time for a visit!

I have also found this cathartic. While shedding the weight, I have been able to build a self esteem to establish myself as a strong independent woman. I am starting my own business and have decided that the bariatric business is my passion. Experts say that your calling will come to you and I believe that now. I truly believe this business will succeed. I believe we all can succeed! If we believe in ourselves and strive to push ourselves forward, we can succeed in whatever we do.

Do you believe in yourselves? What is your dreams? Do you look at the stars and wish upon them?