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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hate Ruffles.....

When I was obese, I never understood why the designers wanted to wrap my round body in animal print. Why not just wrap yourself in yellow hazard tape and scream, while running down the street naked? Same effect! I personally thought that leopard print looked much better on the asses of the animals they belonged on than on mine. Nothing personal to the women who enjoy wearing it, but, I was not comfortable in my own skin, let alone another animals.

Now that I have lost 115 pounds, you would think I would enjoy buying everything that my skinny body can fit into. At first, while shrinking, I loved it, every new size drop brought an feeling of triumph. Each new outfit brought me great joy and overwhelming satisfaction that I was achieving my goals. Me vs. the monster of weight I had battled for so long, I was finally winning and shedding every pound with each new size.

Now as I near the end of my wager on the monster, I find the designers have lost their freaking mind and I am finally slim when the clothes out this season are absolutely hideous!!! What forty year old mother of three grown children wants ruffles on everything? Really? The consumers are wondering if you have lost your minds. I am finally at a size 8, the perfect shopping size and you (the designers) have decided to put metal embellishments on my shoulders. Are you crazy? I can even handle the military style jackets and blue seems to be the new "it" color. I can really show my curves and honey I have them and what happens to the fashion industry, they go for the over-sized and flouncy look.

Now, if any designers are reading this.....please take note, this is one formally fluffy woman who would like you to get your act together quickly. I hate ruffles, bows and metallic shoulder embellishments and damn it, I deserve a decent wardrobe.

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