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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dating After Weight Loss Surgery!

Warning! Not suitable for children or individuals with weak bladders! LOL

Well most of you know me as Jello and a co founder of The Bariatric Cafe. I have been  absent for a while due to my MS and returning to school.

Well, one of my things that has happened in my life is that I have been single for 6 months.  And fplks, things have changed and not for the better!

  1.  I have had men grab my extra skin on my stomach on the first date and ask what it is?  First date and I am a size 2!  Ass! 
  2. I have had a gentlemen, after two weeks (thank goodness he was nice enough to tell me) that we needed to chat about something.  "Hon, there is something I need to tell you!"  Oh shit, what now!  " I have herpes and you should know"!  What part of I am on immune-suppressant drugs did you not understand, asshole! No we didn't sleep together!
  3. Then the topper was the last date......we somehow got on the conversation about those women who just were rescued from a dungeon after 10 years.  He proceeds, no shit, to inform me that his fantasy is to shackle three women in the engine room of his yacht and have his way with them.  I bit, can't help it, curiosity killed the cat......I said, "Your loaded, hire some girls to make it happen."  He stated and I quote, "No that takes the fun out of it!"  CHECK PLEASE!
  I am not kidding you folks, South Florida is a scary place to date.  I am going to school to be a massage therapist.   Do you know how many times I get asked if I do a "happy ending".

I know that other bariatric patients have gone through this, I am now 5'4" and weigh 111.  I have to go to strange peoples homes for my job and now I realize how vulnerable I am at my current weight.  I have never felt like this.  Empowered and cautious.

The best is that when I was heavy, I settled.  Not now!  Never again.  I want what I want and I hope you all see the beauty in yourselves.  I know it takes time and tears, but there will b a day when you love what you see in the mirror and in your heart and you just glow and it shows.

There is an inner peace, and energy that just flows from you that says, "Hello World, I am here and I am living life!"
Play it safe out there, gang!


  1. I am from Miami and can second that dating in So Fla is the scariest thing ever!

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