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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stress Overload

Ever feel like you just want to runaway? Ever feel like people need to just stop leaning on you? That is me this week. After the fourth thing I have given up out of my schedule to care for someone else and their drama, I am done!

When do we as women, stop caring for the world and take care of ourselves? When do we take off the wife, mother, sister, daughter hat and just be ourselves? When do we say no? When do we put ourselves first?

I am resentful, angry, and spewing it everywhere this week and that isn't fair to those around me. And who do I have to blame, only myself. Why, because I can't say no? It is time to say no. I think that is why I am ranting this week. I have had enough and I am letting everyone know that I am no longer tolerating their drama.

Anyone want to runaway with me???? lol


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