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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Indulgent Hot Cocoa with Protein

For those of you who are on a weight loss journey, this drink can be used as a meal replacement alternative.

You will need:

1 scoop of BiPro Unflavored Protein
2 tbsp of  Whey Low Granular
1/2 tbsp. of unsweetened cocoa
1/2 tbsp. of instant coffee (optional; however it will bring out the flavor in the cocoa)
2 tbsp. of dry non-fat milk
Hot water
Whipped Cream (if desired)

1) Place all ingredients in a fairly large coffee mug and add 1/4 cup of cool water and whip with whisk or fork to temper the protein before you add the hot water or it will burn.

2) Slowly add hot water and mix with whisk to temper ingredients and incorporate protein, dry milk and cocoa.

3) Top with whip cream and serve.  Enjoy!

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